To achieve financial abundance meditate on these powerful mantras

All prayers to God must begin with evoking Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles:

Meditate upon these divine chants recited during agnihotra havan homa in praise of Laxmi-kubera:
laxmi-kubera homa

The Goddess Laxmi is an embodiment of wealth and prosperity; she indeed is the source of all that we know as material wealth and can be meditated upon with her seed mantra: “Om hreem Shri Laxmi bhyo namaha” which means “Goddess Laxmi reside in me and bestow thy abundance on all aspects of my existence”

Listen to the verses of Sri Suktam in Sri Rudram from the Rig Veda in praise of Goddess Maha Laxmi

While Laxmi creates material wealth, it is Kubera who distributes it. Lord Kubera, the banker to the gods, blesses devotees with comforts and luxuries. The Brzee yantra is a vehicle to reach Kubera:

The Brzee yantra adds up to 72 in all directions (7 represents the 7 truths and 2 duality). Seven plus two dissolve into nine, also the number of squares in this yantra. The number nine is sacred as it represents Narayana, the plenary form of Lord Vishnu from whom everything emanates. Nine is the highest single number in the Hindu decimal counting system (0 to 9) before it repeats at the next level. Interestingly there are also 9 planets in the solar system, 9 days of Navratra to celebrate the manifestation of the mother goddess and there are 9 Navgraha influencers of your destiny within your horoscope. The following is a prayer to the Laxmi-Narayana, the dual creative feminine and masculine aspects of the Godhead, who manifest the universe (Bhramaand; both material worlds and consciousness) from beyond, but remain connected to it though higher dimension umbilical space-time portals

While focusing on the Brzee yantra recite the Laxmi-Kubera mantra “Om shreem om hreem shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem Vitteshwaraye namaha” to secure attention of Goddess MahaLaxmi and Lord Kubera:

Meaning of the mantra “Om shreem om hreem shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem Vitteshwaraye namaha”

Om is the primordial Supreme Godhead of the Universe.
Shreem is Mahalaxmi as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity;
Hreem is everything that can perceived by the senses, conceived in the mind, known through intuition, thought or meditation, and everything beyond.
Kleem is the creative principle, that causes a perfect union between the physical body with its causal form (its innermost subtle aspect which veils the soul) in the ‘living’ entity.
Vitteshwaraye is Kubera.
Namaha means I bow to thee.

The 21 versea of Kanakdhara (golden shower) stotrum beseeches Goddess Maha Laxmi to alleviate suffering, grant boons and bring forth abundance in your life:

The Shanti Paath removes all errors, hindrances and impediments to ensure that your prayers reach Godhead.

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